Terms and Conditions

    These Terms are between Sylndr Egypt, and Egyptian limited liability company registered under commercial register number 176274 with its registered address at 28 Falaky street, Unit J700, Jameel Building, Greek Campus, Bab Al-Louq, El Tahrir, Qasr El Nil, Cairo (“Sylndr”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) and the USER (“you” and/or “your”).

  1. Introduction


      These Terms govern your usage of our website Sylndr (the “Website”) and are subject to amendment from time to time, as we may deem necessary. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have reviewed these Terms and any changes that may take place. You hereby acknowledge that you have read and accepted these Terms every time you access or use our Website and that you are fully aware of the provisions hereof. Subject to these Terms and any other applicable policies, Sylndr provides you with an option to sell your vehicle from the comfort of your home. Subject to the restrictions set out through these Terms, we only buy 4-wheeled vehicles which have been dedicated to personal use. Currently we do not buy vans, buses or trucks. We also do not buy vehicles which were previously used for commercial purposes.

  2. How it works

    1. If you are interested in selling your vehicle to us (the “Vehicle”), please submit a request (the “Request”) through our Website providing all the relevant details including your Vehicle make, model, year of manufacture and kilometrage, chassis number, accident history and description of any major changes that have been introduced to the Vehicle. You will also be requested to upload recent images of your Vehicle. You will also be requested to provide your contact information, including your name, address, ID number, verified contact number. Our usage of your contact information is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy. Please make sure that all the information and images you provide are accurate and up-to-date. If Sylndr detects that you are sending inaccurate or spam requests of any nature, Sylndr, at its own discretion, may block your access and ban you from using the Website.

    2. Once we review your Request, we may choose to revert to you with a non-binding request to inspect your vehicle. Sylndr may later choose to not proceed with the inspection at its own discretion with no liability on Sylndr and without the need to provide any justification.

    3. Our customer support team will then contact you to schedule a meeting to inspect your Vehicle, you will also be asked to confirm if you are willing to allow Sylndr’s team to conduct a test drive on your Vehicle. Please refer to section 3 for further details on the inspection and test drive process. Upon completion of the inspection, we may choose to contact you to inform you of our valuation price (the “Price”).

    4. Should you to choose to offer to sell us your vehicle at the Price, please make sure to communicate your offer to us within two days from being informed of the Price. Should you convey your offer after the lapse of the said two days, Sylndr may choose to change the Price or reinspect the vehicle. In all cases, Sylndr may choose to reject your offer at its own discretion without any liability on Sylndr.

    5. Once you accept the offer, Sylndr will inform you of the next steps.

  3. Inspection

    1. As mentioned under section 2.1, our team may choose to contact you to schedule a fee free inspection of your Vehicle. Our team will agree with you on an appropriate time to conduct the inspection. Please make sure to request to view the identification cards of the team members who will arrive to inspect your Vehicle.

    2. We may use a third-party to conduct such inspection, in this case you understand that we are not liable for any actions committed by the team conducting the inspection.

    3. The inspection team may draft reports or take pictures of the Vehicle. You understand that such reports or pictures are the sole property of Sylndr. Sylndr may use such reports or pictures in any manner it deems appropriate. Sylndr may choose to not disclose or share such reports or pictures with you.

    4. Prior to inspection, you understand that you are responsible to:

      • remove all personal items and belongings from the Vehicle. We are not liable for any loss of any personal items;

      • ensure that the Vehicle is available at a safe and permitted parking space and that there is enough space for our team to easily access and examine the Vehicle without any obstacles. A free space of 2 square meters around the Vehicle will be needed for inspection. We are not liable for any damage or loss or fine that may occur as a result of violating this rule;

      • ensure that the Vehicle is clean

      • be personally present at the time of inspection.

    5. At any time, Synldr may choose to not proceed with inspecting your Vehicle at its own discretion and especially in case of failure to comply with the rules of these Terms by you or in case Sylndr suspects or becomes aware that you have provided false or inaccurate information in the Report. In this case, Sylndr may also choose to block your access to the Website and take any further action as it may deem necessary. You did not fulfill any of the conditions set out in Section 4.5.

    6. In case you have previously confirmed to Sylndr’s team that you accept allowing Sylndr to perform a test-drive on your Vehicle, please make sure that you provide our team with adequate space to perform the test-drive. Note that our team may find that they need to conduct a test-drive to finalize the valuation process upon their inspection of the Vehicle.

  4. Restrictions

    1. Sylndr may, at its own discretion, choose to not proceed with purchasing your Vehicle at any time without the need to provide any explanation or justification.

    2. In all cases, Sylndr has the right to refuse purchasing your vehicle in the following events:

      1. You fail to provide documentation evidencing your legal ownership of the Vehicle or you fail to provide a valid vehicle license (valid for at least 1 month from the day of uploading Your request on our Website);

      2. in case there are any restrictions on the sale or disposal of the vehicle for any reason or the vehicle is subject to any financial obligation (for example, loan) or there are rights that exist or may exist to third parties on the Vehicle;

      3. if any changes have taken place since the date of inspection by Sylndr;

      4. Vehicle’s kilometrage is more than 120,000 KM;

      5. date of manufacture of the vehicle is more than 8 years ago;

      6. Vehicle suffers from major unfixable defects or does not meet Sylndr’s standards;

      7. any mechanical, electrical or software-based modification has been made to the Vehicle;

      8. Vehicle has been previously used for commercial purposes.

  5. Cancellation

    1. You are entitled to withdraw your offer to sell the Vehicle any time before the transfer of the Price. You may not cancel your acceptance after the transfer of the Price or the delivery of the Vehicle, whichever earlier.

  6. Intellectual Property

    1. You acknowledge and agree that any proprietary property and rights, including any copyrights, trademarks, trade names, patents or other intellectual property, that has been available on our Website or will be provided by us to you will remain our sole and exclusive property. We retain all right, title, and interest in the Website, software, products, services, processes, information, or materials used in the provision of such services (“Our Property“). Nothing herein shall be construed to restrict, impair, encumber, alter, deprive, or adversely affect Our Property.

    2. By submitting ads, content, photos, data or other materials (“Material“) on the Website or to Sylndr through the Request or otherwise, you hereby grant to Sylndr and its Affiliates a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, fully transferable, fully sublicensable right and license to copy, modify, display, distribute, perform, create derivative works from, and otherwise use and exploit all such Materials in any form, media, software or technology of any kind now existing or developed in the future. You further grant to Sylndr and its Affiliates a royalty-free right and license to use your name, image and likeness in connection with the reproduction or distribution of the Materials. Should Sylndr successfully purchase your Vehicle, you hereby accept that such Material will be become the property of Sylndr.

  7. Representations and Warranties

    1. When submitting a Request, you represent and warrant that you legally own and possess the Vehicle and that you solely enjoy all the rights to dispose of or sell the Vehicle and that there are no rights to any third-parties that are currently due on the vehicle or may possibly be due at any point in time.

    2. Should Sylndr accept your offer to sell the Vehicle, you hereby represent and warrant that you will inform Sylndr of any accidents or changes to the Vehicle which have taken place from the date of inspection of the Vehicle by Sylndr.

    3. You warrant that:

      • You have, and will have, the necessary licenses, rights, permissions, to grant the rights and licenses herein to us to exercise such rights and licenses without being liable to any third party in anyway, including legally or financially;

      • You have not, and will not, take any action or enter into any agreements that conflicts with these Terms;

      • there are no existing or threatened claims or litigation that would adversely affect or impair any of the rights and licenses granted herein.

    4. Sylndr to add any other warranties or acknowledgements needed from seller

  8. Indemnity

    1. You may from time to time provide suggestions, comments or other feedback on the Website. You acknowledge and agree that we may use such feedback for any purpose.

  9. Feedback

    1. You may from time to time provide suggestions, comments or other feedback on the Website. You acknowledge and agree that we may use such feedback for any purpose.

  10. Limitation of Liability

    1. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event will we be liable to you for any loss of use, data, goodwill, revenues, or profits or indirect loss, damage, or expense of any kind arising out of or in any way related to these Terms. ln no event will our total liability to you for all damages, losses or causes of action exceed the value the Price.

  11. Privacy

    1. We may collect, use and disclose certain personal information from and about you in accordance with our Privacy Policy Privacy Policy, which may be modified from time to time in our sole discretion.

  12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

    1. This Agreement is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

    2. Any dispute or controversy arising in relation to the interpretation or implementation of this Agreement shall be referred to and settled by the courts of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

  13. Independency

    1. These terms shall in no way be considered as a partnership or agency between you and Sylndr.

  14. Severability

    1. If any provision of the Terms is found by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unlawful or otherwise unenforceable, such provision shall be deemed severable from the Terms to the extent necessary, and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of the Terms, which shall remain in full force and effect.

  15. Notices

    1. All legal notices under the Terms will be in writing and sent to the addresses indicated at the outset of these Terms, for Sylndr and on the application, for the User, via registered mail or delivered by hand in return of a signing receipt or by email.

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